Brand Philosophy
Through our use of 100% Certified Organic Cotton, it is our goal to save the environment from 150 tons of pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers by the year 2015.

This target is part of our plan to ‘Take Action', to respect the soil, underground waters, and human health. As we proceed toward this goal, we also pledge to share our progress and status. After all, we do share this Earth!

KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL builds on the philosophy of:
Gain Knowledge.
Take Action.
Earn Respect.

Both knowledge and action are the foundation of respect.
In a culture focused on calls to action, demands of change, and personal pledges of revolution, our belief is that any individual accomplishment is merely a small part in the process of change. No individual can alone take action without the help and support of others.

Rather, our founding philosophy is one that hopes to spread knowledge, encourage discussion and make the leap from individual to collective participation.

At the heart of this philosophy is the notion of respect. Respect for our Earth, Respect for Ourselves and Respect for You, the consumer is at the heart of Knowledge Cotton Apparel, our focus on quality, and use of 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

We know that respect is earned, not commanded.
To earn respect, a transaction between people is involved. By changing the perspective focus from the individual to the collective group, we believe our concept of earning and giving respect is the first step to making a real difference. You may buy “green” to feel good about yourself, you may drive a hybrid vehicle to avoid the condemnations of others, but on the path to sustainable change, respect can only be given willingly by others and cannot be bought or sold.

To earn this respect we empower the strength of knowledge in creating a foundation for the sharing of ideas. More than just telling you what we will do, but also why we do it, and why we believe it is important. In this way, you are free to make your own decisions.

Likewise we also encourage you to share your own knowledge. Make a choice and live with the respect you earn. The true value of your decisions will ultimately be evaluated in the respect you earn.

Thus, we pledge not only action, but the sharing of knowledge and importance of respect.

We ask only that you enjoy Knowledge Cotton Apparel and earn your own respect.

Gain Knowledge. Take Action. Earn Respect.